Devoted to all lovers of cinema!!!

Mongol!!! My expectations.

Hey ya everyone! =)

Who has seen this movie ‘Mongol’? want to hear your comments!

I reaaaly want to do so! On Tuesday 25 of September i didn’t get the tickets, all four cinemas where I’ve been were overlaod by people who wnated to go to Mongol! =)

wow, I was shoked!! it was a middle of the working week, but it didn’tr stop people go to cinema! ;0

Coool isn’t it?  Such behavior is a first sign that this movie is most expective!

I have waited it for a long time, and bad comments about it won’t stop me, because I believe that better to see once, than hear different opinions million times! =D

This saturday my expectation will over, because I’m going to Mongol!!!!

After i would see it, wait for ma comments! hope it will be great!!! 😉 


September 28, 2007 - Posted by | Kazkahstani movies

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  1. Soooooo…
    I have seen this movie and you know what?… =)
    I DIDN”T LIKE IT at all!

    eh! I waited something more interesting, brightful and best made that NOMADS, but these movies are remind each other!

    Don’t want to let down this movie just because Kazakhstan did a lot for it, but w should grow and grow to achieve wonderful comments for films “made in Kaakhstan” =)

    Comment by stroptivaia | October 8, 2007

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