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 He is comming. You hear his approaching . You feel vibrations of the ground from the thousandth army going on your cities. You are afraid. You are trying to escape but he is omnipresent. His name is Chingishan  and he will shake your universe…

Last Saturday in Arman cinema took place long-expected premier of the most expensive Kazakhstani-Russian project “Mongol”. Director Bodrov made an attempt to bring back to life centuries-old legend about one of the most outstanding conqueror of all times.

I have not seen this movie yet but I ‘ve got some suppositions about what I will see on the screen.

Actually I don’t like films of such genre because usually it contain very small part of historical truth and real commanders, rulers and warriors are shown as absolutely bad or absolutely good. I don’t like this absolutism in moden movies. Life is not white and not black; it is grew. What is more how many centuries went and nobody knows who were these people and what they actually did. Directors create tales but I always have impression that they try to persuade me that it is very serious movie.

Also I don’t love sentimentality in such films because I think that it’s better to leave tears for romantic melodramas rather than press it out from viewers by banal phrases in heroic scenes.

At the same time I cannot ignore very good quality of historical movies. I talk about its scale and high entertaining value. I will go on “Mongol” only because of this. I expect to see good job of operator, producer and composer. I think that picture will be great and show very breathtaking. What about content I’m sure that it won’t suit me

C u in cinema! 🙂

by Alua


September 30, 2007 - Posted by | Kazkahstani movies

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