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It was promised by sergei Bodrov, that the “Mongol” movie would tell us a story about biography of one of the most  powerful leaders in the world-Chingiskhan.  I was very exited and couldn’t wait to see this movie, so I went to the movie last wednesday to see it.  Although many people were critisizing it, but in spite of this fact I liked it very much. It tells about the opposite side of Chingiskhan as humanbeing, it describes his childhood, relations with his wife , children and friends. This movie also shows the culture and traditions of Mongols. But there were some negotive sides of this movie, for example some historical details were not true, another minus of this movie is that it looks unfinished because it’s finished at tright at the beginning of Chingiskhan’s millitary career. But basically I liked it , because it is another good historical movie about nomads.    


September 30, 2007 - Posted by | Kazkahstani movies


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