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Eventually I watched this movie! As I expected its content seemed for me very empty but at the same time I liked Mongol from visual point of view. S.Bodrov made great decorations and battle scenes. Also I enjoyed soundtracks. It suits each episode in very nice way.

What about content I didn’t like character of Chingiskhan because he was shown as too humane and fair person. He was ruler, conqueror and, I suppose , must be very cruel and had few moral principles.

Nevertheless, I would recommend all to watch this movie because such big projects are very rare fo Kazakhstani our film industry.

by Alua


October 10, 2007 - Posted by | Kazkahstani movies


  1. Dear Alua, I would like to debate with you about what you ‘ve said of Chingishan’s behavior. Absolutly disgree with your pint that he as a ruler “must be very cruel and had few moral principles”.In my view he was very smart, equitable and strong in moral side. Of course S.Bodrov’s movie showed absolutely oposite character, as I would say in Russian “HLUPIK” 😉
    But according to other sources Chingishan is very stronf person!

    So People!! please, especialy those who didn’t know about this men before, see other historical films and documents, for instance, I would recommend
    1. book “Jestokii vek”
    2. Movie- soap opera from Chinees producers “Chingiskhan” it is on 6 DVD with 5 series each!

    Good luck!

    Comment by stroptivaia | October 15, 2007

  2. hello Stroptivaya! 🙂

    I just shared with my point of view. I don’t know what kind of man actually was Chingishan. What is more I didn’t say that he was not strong person but I mentioned that director showed him too fair! he could be strong and smart but still very cruel and, in my opinion, he had to behave in this way in order to keep in his hands so much authority and such a huge territory. Otherwise he would be weaked ruler and didn’t create one of the greatest empires!

    Comment by Alua | October 15, 2007

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