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Coming Soon!!!!! The Kazakhstani project “Racketeer” (Рэкетир)

moviepicture6.jpgOn the 8th of November will be the premier of Kazakhstani film called “Racketeer”.                                               kaz_129_46.jpg

The producer of the project is Akhan Sataev. He is not so popular, because before the film, he was the shooter of only advertising videos. The budget is not so big, only 800.000$, but creators of the film have great hopes on this project. They are planning to show this film in all cinemas of Kazakhstan, Almaty is not exception!!! Also, in plans was to screen this film in Russia and to produce it on DVD disks on Kazakh and Russian languages. And one of the interesting things is that the soundtrack to the film is done by the young, but popular group “Métis”. The song is called “Bez sna”. Moreover, in the film you can observe one of the popular Russian actors- Vladimir Vdovichenkov (“Paragraph 78”, “Bummer 1”, and “Bummer 2”).So, are you already interested in it???? And want to know what about this film???

The genre of the “Racketeer”, as you have guessed from the name, is criminal drama. The story is about life of young man, whose name is Sayan. He is a boxer that hoping with the help of force and fists come to the better life!!! For some times this way is very good and progressive, but what will be then??? As we know, for all there is its price and we should pay for our mistakes. So…. if you want to know what will be with the main hero at the end, go to the cinema on 8th of November!!!! Will be waiting for your recessions!!!!         


October 29, 2007 - Posted by | Kazkahstani movies

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