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Advert 1st Of All

ad-fest-logo.gif                                                       dsc07685.jpgOn the 16 th of November students of KIMEP had a chance to go to the fesatival of advertisement. It was called “Advert 1st Of All”. This festival was organized by crEAteam organization together with Black Pencil marketing company and Sun production. As I am the member of this organization I want to say that event of such format, we have made by the first time, because usually we organize different parties.

First of all, our team decided not to make a great advertising in KIMEP, because it was oriented mostly on students of marketing and journalism(PR) departments, because this festival was closely connected with their future profession. We created and then sent invintations with names and surnames of each student of this two departments.

The program began at 20:07 o’clock and was continued during 2 hours. The program contained presentation of Black Pencil company, where the representative was Marat Bakpayev. He gives lectures in KIMEP Univesity on Advertising Management . It was the interesting presentation with explaining how creativity is important in our professions. Then, we observed some advertising videos. After it, the next presentation was made by the representative of Sun Production company. He explained students how to make advertising videos and then showed a seria of Kazakhstani advertising videos- the work of their company. Together, they explained the role of Kazakhstani advertisement, it’s development and the ways of improving. I think, that students liked it, because at the end, there were a lot of questions.

So, in my point of view the festival of advertising was successful!!!! We were glad to organize and work with such a big and popular partners as Black Pencil and Sun Production. And students were glad to be there, because the atmosphere of the evening was calm and pleasant. In future, we are planning to organize events of such format!!! It was our first experiement and we will try to do them more better and more interesting!!!   

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Human’s mind always entraps itself: our imagination can create amazing worlds making life brighter and more interesting. Since the beginning of time we have composed legends, passed from one generation to another myths, sung songs and drawn pictures. Any kind of art is an attempt of` estrangement from the reality and, perhaps, cinematograph has achieved the biggest success in this process.

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The Lord of the Ring

When I was a little girl I used to read a lot of fantasy and J. Tolkien’s story about Sauron, his dark empire, and brave fraternity of ring’s keepers was my favorite one. I still remember what it was a feeling to lay down on the bed deep in the night and read The Lord of the Ring. I was living in this story and my imagination was drawing colorful pictures in my head about adventures in magic world. In those times I wished very much to see all my lovely heroes in reality or at least on the TV screen. And now many years ago due to director Peter Jackson and Columbia pictures I have such opportunity.

When I heard about release of The Lord of the Ring I was amazed! It was such a surprise for me! Of course I was waiting for its appearance on the wide screen! Premier in Almaty was great. Here we have a lot of fans of this book, so cinemas had a full house. Crowd in front of the doors expected a lot from this movie. I would say too much. People supposed that it is going to be something really outstanding. Lights were switched off and film began.

Three hours later exhausted viewers came out of the cinema. Almost nobody liked the movie. Those who have not read the book did not get the film and those who have read it said that it was one of the worst screen versions of all times. Honestly at the beginning I did not like it very much too, but I think that such bad critic is a destiny of all directors who decide to filming great books. Audience always has prejudgments and always against such attempts. People compare and usually find that original version is much better than movie. The process of receiving faces by popular literature characters is always very difficult because here director clashes with viewers’ stereotypes. They have imagined faces of Frodo and Aragorn already and do not want to see another.

Now let me share with my own impressions. I will discuss all three parts at once. First of all, to evaluate this film fairly we should forget about Tolkien at all. Film is film, book is book and we should try to separate it. The Lord of the Ring is a great movie with absolutely fascinating shooting, incredibly nice soundtracks, and very good actors’ playing. I do not remember films of such a big scale in last years. It leaves after itself sense of spirituality and something very light inside. What is more, its screen version adaptation is not so bad.

The story tells about the war between good and evil. Sauron is the most horror, powerful, and cruel being in the world who desires to come back The Ring of absolute power which has been lost a long time ago. In case of having the ring, he would become the only lord in the world. He has formed a huge army of ugly creations to capture independent lands of innocent peoples and bring the ring back. So death, destructions and slavery threaten peaceful nations of the world. Peoples unite against Sauron and war begins. While brave elf, human, and gnome warriors are clashing with dark army, nine ring keepers are trying to destroy the treasure in order to put the war to the end and kill all-seeing and omnipresent lord. Finally the war ends, Sauron dies, peace and prosperity come back in the world, and members of fraternity find their happiness and return to common life.

Obviously Peter Jackson worked very hard to make such movie. It can satisfy all viewers because of nice balance of battle scenes, actions, love, fascinating views of New Zeeland, and even scare episodes. Most of all I like wide views of mountains, fields, rivers and lakes with unique Northern beauty giving to film a sense of flight and freedom. Also I cannot put my eyes away from several breath-taking and amazing battle scenes.

I am impressed by work of sound director. He chose such delicate, thoughtful, and beautiful music that all film becomes full of absolute harmony due to it.

I believe that casting is also was successful. People just have not got used to see their heroes with faces of Orlando Bloom, Vigo Mortensen and etc.

So in conclusion I want to say that, in my opinion, Peter Jackson has won his Oscars absolutely fairly and The Lord of the Ring is a good movie.

By anhel

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Open water

This movie amazed my imagination as no other although it hasn’t got a big budget, famous actors or super expensive visual effects. Just the reverse it is very cheap film with lack of actions, non professional actors and only two creators: director Chris Kentis and operator Laura Lau.

This story is very similar to many real one which happens quite often around the world. A young couple goes on sunny island for holidays. One day they decided to order a dive trip for the most beautiful places of World Ocean. They were happy and everything was fine but suddenly adventure became the worst nightmare. After coming to the surface they revealed that the boat had disappeared and they are leaved alone on 15 kilometres from the beach! At the beginning guys were optimistic and believed that the rescue is coming but after a while they realized that nobody mentioned that two divers are absent on board. Thirsty, hot sun and despair were killing them. Maybe they could survive if there would not be a lot of sharks around. Step by step predators were becoming closer. Finally, one bit Daniel’s leg and after few hours he died. Susan became alone. Realizing that there will not be any help and crying about husband she decided to take off her equipment and give herself up to sharks.

This film was made so realistic that after watching it you still shocked for a long time. I suppose that main secret of such effect is style of filming. It is shot as amateur video without any special processing. There are many underwater scenes with live sharks and a lot of frames with close filming of characters’ desperate faces. Picture and sound are so real! There is almost no usual soundtrack, only splash of sea waves, people’s voices and other common sounds of surrounding reality.

We have ot got used to correlate our daily life and ourselves with movies because it is too unreal but “Open water” makes viewers to feel that everything happenning on the screen is so close to us and can happen to anyone.

By anhel

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Nomads is the first film of such big scale produced by Kazakhstan. We have not got more expensive project in history of our cinematography. Personally I like to watch epic movies due to beauty of battle scenes and nice decorations but Nomads did not impress me much. I do not know maybe I am not very patriotic but I decided to discuss weaknesses of this film.

Screen was taken from famous book of Ilias Esenberlin “The Nomads”. The original story is wonderful and I was really admired by it but its screen version adaptation, in my opinion, is awful!

The story is taking place in 18-th century. 1723-1727 years were time of very cruel and bloody invasion of Jungars. Kazakh tribes torn by internal conflicts were not able to unite in face of strong enemy. People did not have one ruler and one direction to follow. This was main problem for Kazakh society and gradually we were becoming weaker and weaker giving Jungars opportunity to destroy our country. All warriors and common citizens were waiting for savior. Prophesy predicted that soon will be born a child whose mission to unite all tribes and drive away the enemy. This man was born, became khan, united people, and won Jungars. The core sense of the book was not description of one particular man but all Kazakh nation in general. Esenberlin mostly puts attention to sufferings of people, their common attempts to struggle against invasion and at the same time he shows us Kazakh way of life and its destruction in order to cover fully those times and make readers understand meaning and scales of this tragedy.

The film right the opposite focuses only on life of young khan and his own emotions and relations. I did not find any sense or idea in movie because it does not give any background history and finishes on  nothing. Honestly the whole film is about nothing. It seems like director wanted to tell about rescuing of Kazakh people by khan but was interrupted on the most important moment. He told about childhood and teenage life of this boy but did not show realizing the main objective of his existing-fighting against Jungars. During all the time it had been telling that khan is going to struggle against visitors and it is his the only duty but words stayed words and viewers did not see any real fight.

Casting is another thing which disappointed me. It is not a secret that Hollywood was the main sponsor for Nomads and, constantly, it had a right to dictate rules. All main roles were given to American actors without taking in account that it will look ridiculously and European appearance will be obvious. By the way I did not like playing at all because it was absolutely unpersuasive.

Soundtracks were not very expressive and I did not remember it at all.

The only thing that was made more or less properly is the decoration. Obviously Hollywood spent a lot of money on horses and suits.

All this critics is my own perception of film. Maybe I am not very objective and made some mistakes in evaluation but I cannot do anything with myself. I did not like Nomads. By the way majority of Kazakh audience have the same opinion.  I suppose that it means something.

By anhel 

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Have you ever seen an angel? Let’s assume that you have but I am sure that you never have met drinking and smoking one who loves women and makes fun in bars. Michael is not common holy being. He loves life very much and always lives it with pleasure teaching people to do the same.
This is one of my most loved movies with favorite actor John Travolta who was inimitable in role of not very holy angel with bad habits.
The subject of film is following. Three journalists searching for sensation go to countryside to investigate a story about angel who lives in somebody’s house. All of them were absolute skeptics and did not believe in miracles at all. So when they saw this co-called angel they were sure that he is just a man who tries to become famous. They met smoking, drinking, telling nasty things and wearing ugly untidy clothes man. Of course reporters were convinced that he is a jester. Nevertheless, they decided to bring him to New York and show to main editor of their newspaper. So their journey begun.
They were traveling by car across the country and having different adventures. Gradually relations between all members of this trip were developing and all their lives have changed. Angel discreetly helped them to understand own selves and each other and to become better. Once he told them one parable. Sun and Wind saw a man walking down the street in warm coat and bet who faster will force him to take it off. Wind was blowing stronger and stronger but man just was wrapping himself up tighter. And than Sun came from the clouds giving warm to this person and he took the coat off. So Michael like the Sun gave to these three people some warm and they, angry on crazy journalist life, exhausted with abnormal regime of work and hard competition, forgot about simple human happiness and understanding to others, became again able to see good sides of life and its light colors.
Finally, angel achieved his goal by improving lives of his friends and came back in heaven. Journalists began new life with more sense and more love within.
This film is not a comedy but it has so many funny moments and really nice situations that I always laugh while watching it. Especially I love episode with dancing Travolta. He is a great dancer!
Movie has brilliant direction and very harmonic actors’ playing. I think that after watching it all viewers begin to believe in angels and miracles in our daily life.

By anhel

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Matrix is a mathematical system consisting of many units. Or is a tool of control and ruling the minds of all human civilization? Is there any supreme power which creates reality and programs our daily life, defines all our motivations and acts and which we do not know about? Matrix film provokes doubts in mind and let you imagine what would happen with you if it would be a truth. Would you prefer to stay asleep in Matrix or to join Morphius’ team?

I like this movie from several points of view. Matrix it is not just a film with interesting screen and breath-taking special effects, it is also has deep and original issues within.

The main idea is that all people live under oppression of more powerful forces and even do not know about it. There is always a power which directs us all together. It does not matter whether it is a machines’ dictate in movie or authority of real man. At the same time it is a film about riot and opposition which are very common for human nature. There always have been people(in this case we have robots) who desired a power, those who given it and followed for authority, and those who never will subordinate. This struggle existed, exists, and will exist.

Second question that has been touched in the film is about dependency of our minds. We all are slaves of our brains in any case. We live in big cities, work in offices, bother about trivial problems, and forget about freedom of our original consciousness.

Thirdly, after watching Matrix issue of knowing and unknowing a truth has become a very big dilemma for me. One guy from the movie, whose name I do not remember, said that if he would know to what kind of life the red pill will bring to, he would refuse at the very beginning and continued his life in Matrix even if it is not real. People always have a choice to reveal a truth or to stay in the ignorance and here always influents another very common and distinctive human’s feature-curiosity. It is always nice to learn something new. “Here I have been and what is there?”-we think and take the red pill. Personally I would prefer to choose the blue one and to forget about Morphius’ ideas and out-of-Matrix real world. Let others to fight for independency and freedom but live your own life like you want. Ignorance is always much more convenient, careless and happy.

I like this film not only for its idea but also for its performance. Directors have done a great work! There are several years gone from the release of Matrix but we are still interested in watching special effects during the main battle scenes. It is much more amazing to take in account that modern technologies are not sleeping and every day brings cinematography new opportunities. The most popular effects are dying down in front of the bullets and main heroes’ ability to fly in fighting and jumping between buildings. In such moments it seems that camera just stands still in space.

Matrix gave new fashion and new music to the world. Soundtracks were made by the most succeed rock bands and became real hits. Famous melodies are known by all viewers and music lovers. They are so full of drive, so energetic, so real, and so loud that are able to give to audience the sense of participation in the movie. What about fashion, is that after Matrix light, elegant and at the same time very bold sun glasses and black color also became popular.

So in conclusion I want to say that Matrix is a great movie from technical side equally as from the content’s point of view. I could not put my eyes away from the TV because of dizzy and very active screen. I was whistling its soundtracks after a while and I am still thinking about those issues that have been mentioned there. It is very worthy movie! 

By anhel

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Fantastic far worlds, clash of civilizations, undiscovered planets, and breath-taking adventures in deep space that is what Hollywood always shows us in films about aliens. I had not loved this genre a lot before watching K-Pex. This movie has become one of my favorite.

 This is a story about one alien who was trying to observe and understand people’s lives and relations. He has been on the Earth for several times and had a friend here. They were very close and felt each other on destination. Once when his friend was not at home escaped prisoner came to his house, raped and killed his wife and little daughter. After finding dead family, man lost his mind and decided to commit a suicide but alien saved him. He took his body and moved into it. In this appearance he started to discover our planet.

Some time ago due to his strange behavior, New York police and put him in to the asylum. There he met a lot of new people and has changed many destinies. Asylum is a very unusual place. There live outcast people who are needed in understanding and hopes. Some of them had lost close relatives, friends or lovers. Some did not have home. Others were afraid to face big and complicated world. These were very miserable and lonely men. So alien started to help them to find their souls and minds, to set themselves free, and learn how to live with normal people. He gave them a hope for better life and made believing in their own strength. Also he interacts with his doctor and helped him to understand what is really important for human being: love, family, friendship and attention to each other. All asylum life changed due to him.

Doctor did not believe that his patient is alien and was trying to find out who is he because he even did not know his real name. After a long research he eventually revealed a story of man who had lost his family and his mind. He did not know that alien just took body of his close friend and they are not one and the same person.  

One day alien said that he needs to return on K-Pex. All staff and his doctor did not believe that it is possible but they allowed him to set a last party. Before going home he announced that he wants to take one of asylum inhabitants on his planet and asked all people to write an essay why they want to go on K-Pex.

Morning came to asylum and doctor as usual went to alien’s room but he did not find him there. Instead of well-known patient there was stranger with his face but not able to talk, to react, and to move. Also staff did not find one of the patients from another room. It was a girl who lost home and was quiet closed to surrounding world. So alien disappeared and took one human being on his far planet K-Pex a he promised.

I like this film because it is more about human relations rather than about visitors from another planet. It shows that sometimes we are like aliens to each other living in different worlds. We forget about understanding to others. We do not see that some of us need help and warm. We are so afraid to trust to somebody, to reveal our souls to another. Sometimes two people are as far from each other as two galaxies in Universe. 

Director filled K-Pex with extremely nice soundtracks and a lot of slowly scenes. Often using of close shot makes audience percept all dialogs as something very frank and private.K-Pex movie leaves after itself warm and light felling inside. After watching it, I felt a strong wish to make something good and important for people. I wanted to go on street and without missing any moment to help strangers to become a little bit happier. I think that movies which are able to make viewers to feel in this way are really worthy.  

By anhel

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Ice age

I always have loved cartoons and despite it looks strange for 19-year-girl to watch kids’ channels I still love to spend my time watching “Tom and Jerry” or “Hey, Arnold”. Of course I never miss any cartoon in cinema. One of the funniest for me was Ice age.

Story is taking place in far times when human being even had not learned to talk properly and wild animals were absolutely everywhere around us. Approaching ice age scared a lot all beasts and they decided to go on the South. All of them moved in one direction except three: sloth Sit, tiger Diego and mammoth Many. This funny company had another purpose. They needed to save a human child who was left by dieing mother on the cost of the stream.

They had very far dangerous but at the same time funny trip. They have experienced a lot of adventures and met many obstacles but solved all problems and, finally, brought baby to his family.  During this journey three absolutely different characters becoming the best friends and now they are ready to stay for each other till the death.

Ice age does not show outstanding animation but I like its kind idea of real friendship and support and also this cartoon has great jokes and a lot of funny moments. After watching Ice age in cinema I have bought DVD at home and now very often revise it again and again laughing every time like I never have seen it before. 

 By anhel

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