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My impressions about the film

Recently, I went to “Arman” to watch the film, about I have wrote- “Racketeer”. First of all I want to say, that my impressions are only good!!! I liked it, because the film was a good reflection of events of that times-80-90 years. It was the times when many people became to open their own business. To work better, without any problems, racketeers were glad to help them, of course for the special part of money!!!

It was pleasant to observe Almaty town, everything was so acquainted!!! The heroes had the same characters , behavior and conversations , as we can observe  in real life. May be it is just because the film is Kazakhstani! We have not so many films, shooted in Kazakhstan, so  all people were watching “Racketeer” with the great pleasure, as I am!

But of course, as all films ”Racketeer” has it’s bad sides. Personaly I did not like the role of the main hero, because It was seemed that the main hero was Ruslan-the best friend of Sayan. Mostly, I liked the playing of Ruslan. He did his role very well I think!!! The second thing, that I didn’t like is that all phrases were short and brief.

So, in conclusion I want to say that in generally the film was good!!! I liked it! Of course, saying about Kazakhstani film industry, it should develop and perfect itself more and more!!! 


November 16, 2007 - Posted by | Kazkahstani movies


  1. Aggreee@!!! =D

    Comment by stroptivaia | November 16, 2007

  2. I’m strongly agreee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I evantually can be proud of our Kazakhstani film industry!
    Very good plot and good actors’ playing!

    Comment by anhel | December 4, 2007

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