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Le Fabuleux Destin D’Amelie Poulain

 I really love to watch movies and I have seen many of it during my not very long life. The most incredible, memorable, and favourite one is “Amelie” by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. At first time I was watching that film in a cinema probably two years ago. I was blown away by magic and positive energy of the story and unusual style of shooting. Director used a lot of interesting, funny and new effects which create strange feeling that you are watching someone’s dream or old cartoon. Also I like special and warm colour of “Amelie”. It seemed like you are looking at picture made by oil paints. Finally, there is a beautiful soundtrack which complements and emphasizes very nicely every step of characters.

The movie tells about wonderful links between all events and all people and consequences which sometimes can easily change our lives. It reminds us that every moment should be appreciated and every person needs some support and understanding.

The main heroine of the story is lonely girl who lives in a fantastic world of her dreams and does not have real happiness and love. Someday she met in the subway a strange guy who collects broken photos of different people. Even she was interested who he is and why he has so extraordinary hobby, she did not talk with him. Some time ago she understood that she had fallen in love with this stranger. From that moment her life became meaningful and breath-taking. She was looking for that guy and by the way discovering surrounding life and realising that it can be even better than her fantasies. Finally, after many adventures she found her love and became really happy.

I like this film because of good and warm feeling that it leaves in your heart. I remember that I was crying after watching it because I felt myself so happy and so sure that all my dreams and hopes will come true very soon. It seemed that I can fly and the world is smiling around me! Every episode of the movie is filled by kindness, naivety, and shining which, in my opinion, make “Amelie” very outstanding film. I will watch it again and again and I know that every time my soul will become like a small piece of sun. 

 By anhel


November 25, 2007 - Posted by | Kazkahstani movies

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