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Fifty first dates: Unusual trial for true bachelor

I like comedies very much. In daily routine sometimes we lose our sense of humor and forget to smile. Funny films remain that life is not just work and troubles but also interesting and very amusing thing.My favorite movie of this genre is 50 first dates. It always raises my mood up, makes me feel good and leave after itself something light. 

It is a romantic film about two young people with very funny love story. They met in café. He noticed pretty young girl seating alone and started a conversation. They had a nice talk and after this first meeting he could not forget her. On the next day he came back to this café hoping to see her again. She was there and he started to talk with her but girl was amazed and said that they did not know each other. He thought that she is joking but than he realized that she really did not remember him. He had nothing to do except going away but decided not to give up. On the next day he tried to meet with her again but in another place. He was waiting for her on the road with trained penguin which was put on the ground right in front of her approaching car. She sharply stopped and rushed out of jeep afraid that animal was killed. Penguin did not suffer at all but due to this little accident guys made acquaintance of each other again. They had a wonderful day walking on the beach and talking like close friends. On the next she did not remember him again. So he understood that this girl had serious memory problems; nonetheless, he fell crazy in love and decided to be with her anyway.Every day he attracted her attention by different ways and made her felt love again and again. Every date was like the first one for her and sixth, seventh, twentieth and so on for him.

One day he met her family and revealed that she had lost her long-term memory in car accident several years ago and from those times remembered only before-crash life. Every new event did not stay in her head for more than one day because when she falls asleep all her new memories and emotions are deleted.

Finally, they got married and had a child. Every day she woke up without knowing where she is and who that man sleeping next to her.  After shock every morning begun with learning that she had lost her memory in car accident, got married and born a child. So every 24 hour he proved that he really loves her and made her feel the same to him.

This film was shot on beautiful Pacific islands and has a lot of tropic views with palms, ocean, beaches and people in swimming suits. Reggie style soundtracks add sunny mood and the whole movie gives    the sense of summer holidays with nice love story. I like to watch it when it rainy outside and there is no fun and warm around.

By anhel


November 25, 2007 - Posted by | Kazkahstani movies

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