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Ice age

I always have loved cartoons and despite it looks strange for 19-year-girl to watch kids’ channels I still love to spend my time watching “Tom and Jerry” or “Hey, Arnold”. Of course I never miss any cartoon in cinema. One of the funniest for me was Ice age.

Story is taking place in far times when human being even had not learned to talk properly and wild animals were absolutely everywhere around us. Approaching ice age scared a lot all beasts and they decided to go on the South. All of them moved in one direction except three: sloth Sit, tiger Diego and mammoth Many. This funny company had another purpose. They needed to save a human child who was left by dieing mother on the cost of the stream.

They had very far dangerous but at the same time funny trip. They have experienced a lot of adventures and met many obstacles but solved all problems and, finally, brought baby to his family.  During this journey three absolutely different characters becoming the best friends and now they are ready to stay for each other till the death.

Ice age does not show outstanding animation but I like its kind idea of real friendship and support and also this cartoon has great jokes and a lot of funny moments. After watching Ice age in cinema I have bought DVD at home and now very often revise it again and again laughing every time like I never have seen it before. 

 By anhel


November 25, 2007 - Posted by | Kazkahstani movies

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