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Fantastic far worlds, clash of civilizations, undiscovered planets, and breath-taking adventures in deep space that is what Hollywood always shows us in films about aliens. I had not loved this genre a lot before watching K-Pex. This movie has become one of my favorite.

 This is a story about one alien who was trying to observe and understand people’s lives and relations. He has been on the Earth for several times and had a friend here. They were very close and felt each other on destination. Once when his friend was not at home escaped prisoner came to his house, raped and killed his wife and little daughter. After finding dead family, man lost his mind and decided to commit a suicide but alien saved him. He took his body and moved into it. In this appearance he started to discover our planet.

Some time ago due to his strange behavior, New York police and put him in to the asylum. There he met a lot of new people and has changed many destinies. Asylum is a very unusual place. There live outcast people who are needed in understanding and hopes. Some of them had lost close relatives, friends or lovers. Some did not have home. Others were afraid to face big and complicated world. These were very miserable and lonely men. So alien started to help them to find their souls and minds, to set themselves free, and learn how to live with normal people. He gave them a hope for better life and made believing in their own strength. Also he interacts with his doctor and helped him to understand what is really important for human being: love, family, friendship and attention to each other. All asylum life changed due to him.

Doctor did not believe that his patient is alien and was trying to find out who is he because he even did not know his real name. After a long research he eventually revealed a story of man who had lost his family and his mind. He did not know that alien just took body of his close friend and they are not one and the same person.  

One day alien said that he needs to return on K-Pex. All staff and his doctor did not believe that it is possible but they allowed him to set a last party. Before going home he announced that he wants to take one of asylum inhabitants on his planet and asked all people to write an essay why they want to go on K-Pex.

Morning came to asylum and doctor as usual went to alien’s room but he did not find him there. Instead of well-known patient there was stranger with his face but not able to talk, to react, and to move. Also staff did not find one of the patients from another room. It was a girl who lost home and was quiet closed to surrounding world. So alien disappeared and took one human being on his far planet K-Pex a he promised.

I like this film because it is more about human relations rather than about visitors from another planet. It shows that sometimes we are like aliens to each other living in different worlds. We forget about understanding to others. We do not see that some of us need help and warm. We are so afraid to trust to somebody, to reveal our souls to another. Sometimes two people are as far from each other as two galaxies in Universe. 

Director filled K-Pex with extremely nice soundtracks and a lot of slowly scenes. Often using of close shot makes audience percept all dialogs as something very frank and private.K-Pex movie leaves after itself warm and light felling inside. After watching it, I felt a strong wish to make something good and important for people. I wanted to go on street and without missing any moment to help strangers to become a little bit happier. I think that movies which are able to make viewers to feel in this way are really worthy.  

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November 25, 2007 - Posted by | Kazkahstani movies

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