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Matrix is a mathematical system consisting of many units. Or is a tool of control and ruling the minds of all human civilization? Is there any supreme power which creates reality and programs our daily life, defines all our motivations and acts and which we do not know about? Matrix film provokes doubts in mind and let you imagine what would happen with you if it would be a truth. Would you prefer to stay asleep in Matrix or to join Morphius’ team?

I like this movie from several points of view. Matrix it is not just a film with interesting screen and breath-taking special effects, it is also has deep and original issues within.

The main idea is that all people live under oppression of more powerful forces and even do not know about it. There is always a power which directs us all together. It does not matter whether it is a machines’ dictate in movie or authority of real man. At the same time it is a film about riot and opposition which are very common for human nature. There always have been people(in this case we have robots) who desired a power, those who given it and followed for authority, and those who never will subordinate. This struggle existed, exists, and will exist.

Second question that has been touched in the film is about dependency of our minds. We all are slaves of our brains in any case. We live in big cities, work in offices, bother about trivial problems, and forget about freedom of our original consciousness.

Thirdly, after watching Matrix issue of knowing and unknowing a truth has become a very big dilemma for me. One guy from the movie, whose name I do not remember, said that if he would know to what kind of life the red pill will bring to, he would refuse at the very beginning and continued his life in Matrix even if it is not real. People always have a choice to reveal a truth or to stay in the ignorance and here always influents another very common and distinctive human’s feature-curiosity. It is always nice to learn something new. “Here I have been and what is there?”-we think and take the red pill. Personally I would prefer to choose the blue one and to forget about Morphius’ ideas and out-of-Matrix real world. Let others to fight for independency and freedom but live your own life like you want. Ignorance is always much more convenient, careless and happy.

I like this film not only for its idea but also for its performance. Directors have done a great work! There are several years gone from the release of Matrix but we are still interested in watching special effects during the main battle scenes. It is much more amazing to take in account that modern technologies are not sleeping and every day brings cinematography new opportunities. The most popular effects are dying down in front of the bullets and main heroes’ ability to fly in fighting and jumping between buildings. In such moments it seems that camera just stands still in space.

Matrix gave new fashion and new music to the world. Soundtracks were made by the most succeed rock bands and became real hits. Famous melodies are known by all viewers and music lovers. They are so full of drive, so energetic, so real, and so loud that are able to give to audience the sense of participation in the movie. What about fashion, is that after Matrix light, elegant and at the same time very bold sun glasses and black color also became popular.

So in conclusion I want to say that Matrix is a great movie from technical side equally as from the content’s point of view. I could not put my eyes away from the TV because of dizzy and very active screen. I was whistling its soundtracks after a while and I am still thinking about those issues that have been mentioned there. It is very worthy movie! 

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November 25, 2007 - Posted by | Kazkahstani movies

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