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Have you ever seen an angel? Let’s assume that you have but I am sure that you never have met drinking and smoking one who loves women and makes fun in bars. Michael is not common holy being. He loves life very much and always lives it with pleasure teaching people to do the same.
This is one of my most loved movies with favorite actor John Travolta who was inimitable in role of not very holy angel with bad habits.
The subject of film is following. Three journalists searching for sensation go to countryside to investigate a story about angel who lives in somebody’s house. All of them were absolute skeptics and did not believe in miracles at all. So when they saw this co-called angel they were sure that he is just a man who tries to become famous. They met smoking, drinking, telling nasty things and wearing ugly untidy clothes man. Of course reporters were convinced that he is a jester. Nevertheless, they decided to bring him to New York and show to main editor of their newspaper. So their journey begun.
They were traveling by car across the country and having different adventures. Gradually relations between all members of this trip were developing and all their lives have changed. Angel discreetly helped them to understand own selves and each other and to become better. Once he told them one parable. Sun and Wind saw a man walking down the street in warm coat and bet who faster will force him to take it off. Wind was blowing stronger and stronger but man just was wrapping himself up tighter. And than Sun came from the clouds giving warm to this person and he took the coat off. So Michael like the Sun gave to these three people some warm and they, angry on crazy journalist life, exhausted with abnormal regime of work and hard competition, forgot about simple human happiness and understanding to others, became again able to see good sides of life and its light colors.
Finally, angel achieved his goal by improving lives of his friends and came back in heaven. Journalists began new life with more sense and more love within.
This film is not a comedy but it has so many funny moments and really nice situations that I always laugh while watching it. Especially I love episode with dancing Travolta. He is a great dancer!
Movie has brilliant direction and very harmonic actors’ playing. I think that after watching it all viewers begin to believe in angels and miracles in our daily life.

By anhel


November 25, 2007 - Posted by | Kazkahstani movies

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