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Nomads is the first film of such big scale produced by Kazakhstan. We have not got more expensive project in history of our cinematography. Personally I like to watch epic movies due to beauty of battle scenes and nice decorations but Nomads did not impress me much. I do not know maybe I am not very patriotic but I decided to discuss weaknesses of this film.

Screen was taken from famous book of Ilias Esenberlin “The Nomads”. The original story is wonderful and I was really admired by it but its screen version adaptation, in my opinion, is awful!

The story is taking place in 18-th century. 1723-1727 years were time of very cruel and bloody invasion of Jungars. Kazakh tribes torn by internal conflicts were not able to unite in face of strong enemy. People did not have one ruler and one direction to follow. This was main problem for Kazakh society and gradually we were becoming weaker and weaker giving Jungars opportunity to destroy our country. All warriors and common citizens were waiting for savior. Prophesy predicted that soon will be born a child whose mission to unite all tribes and drive away the enemy. This man was born, became khan, united people, and won Jungars. The core sense of the book was not description of one particular man but all Kazakh nation in general. Esenberlin mostly puts attention to sufferings of people, their common attempts to struggle against invasion and at the same time he shows us Kazakh way of life and its destruction in order to cover fully those times and make readers understand meaning and scales of this tragedy.

The film right the opposite focuses only on life of young khan and his own emotions and relations. I did not find any sense or idea in movie because it does not give any background history and finishes on  nothing. Honestly the whole film is about nothing. It seems like director wanted to tell about rescuing of Kazakh people by khan but was interrupted on the most important moment. He told about childhood and teenage life of this boy but did not show realizing the main objective of his existing-fighting against Jungars. During all the time it had been telling that khan is going to struggle against visitors and it is his the only duty but words stayed words and viewers did not see any real fight.

Casting is another thing which disappointed me. It is not a secret that Hollywood was the main sponsor for Nomads and, constantly, it had a right to dictate rules. All main roles were given to American actors without taking in account that it will look ridiculously and European appearance will be obvious. By the way I did not like playing at all because it was absolutely unpersuasive.

Soundtracks were not very expressive and I did not remember it at all.

The only thing that was made more or less properly is the decoration. Obviously Hollywood spent a lot of money on horses and suits.

All this critics is my own perception of film. Maybe I am not very objective and made some mistakes in evaluation but I cannot do anything with myself. I did not like Nomads. By the way majority of Kazakh audience have the same opinion.  I suppose that it means something.

By anhel 


November 25, 2007 - Posted by | Kazkahstani movies

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