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Open water

This movie amazed my imagination as no other although it hasn’t got a big budget, famous actors or super expensive visual effects. Just the reverse it is very cheap film with lack of actions, non professional actors and only two creators: director Chris Kentis and operator Laura Lau.

This story is very similar to many real one which happens quite often around the world. A young couple goes on sunny island for holidays. One day they decided to order a dive trip for the most beautiful places of World Ocean. They were happy and everything was fine but suddenly adventure became the worst nightmare. After coming to the surface they revealed that the boat had disappeared and they are leaved alone on 15 kilometres from the beach! At the beginning guys were optimistic and believed that the rescue is coming but after a while they realized that nobody mentioned that two divers are absent on board. Thirsty, hot sun and despair were killing them. Maybe they could survive if there would not be a lot of sharks around. Step by step predators were becoming closer. Finally, one bit Daniel’s leg and after few hours he died. Susan became alone. Realizing that there will not be any help and crying about husband she decided to take off her equipment and give herself up to sharks.

This film was made so realistic that after watching it you still shocked for a long time. I suppose that main secret of such effect is style of filming. It is shot as amateur video without any special processing. There are many underwater scenes with live sharks and a lot of frames with close filming of characters’ desperate faces. Picture and sound are so real! There is almost no usual soundtrack, only splash of sea waves, people’s voices and other common sounds of surrounding reality.

We have ot got used to correlate our daily life and ourselves with movies because it is too unreal but “Open water” makes viewers to feel that everything happenning on the screen is so close to us and can happen to anyone.

By anhel


November 25, 2007 - Posted by | Kazkahstani movies

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