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The Lord of the Ring

When I was a little girl I used to read a lot of fantasy and J. Tolkien’s story about Sauron, his dark empire, and brave fraternity of ring’s keepers was my favorite one. I still remember what it was a feeling to lay down on the bed deep in the night and read The Lord of the Ring. I was living in this story and my imagination was drawing colorful pictures in my head about adventures in magic world. In those times I wished very much to see all my lovely heroes in reality or at least on the TV screen. And now many years ago due to director Peter Jackson and Columbia pictures I have such opportunity.

When I heard about release of The Lord of the Ring I was amazed! It was such a surprise for me! Of course I was waiting for its appearance on the wide screen! Premier in Almaty was great. Here we have a lot of fans of this book, so cinemas had a full house. Crowd in front of the doors expected a lot from this movie. I would say too much. People supposed that it is going to be something really outstanding. Lights were switched off and film began.

Three hours later exhausted viewers came out of the cinema. Almost nobody liked the movie. Those who have not read the book did not get the film and those who have read it said that it was one of the worst screen versions of all times. Honestly at the beginning I did not like it very much too, but I think that such bad critic is a destiny of all directors who decide to filming great books. Audience always has prejudgments and always against such attempts. People compare and usually find that original version is much better than movie. The process of receiving faces by popular literature characters is always very difficult because here director clashes with viewers’ stereotypes. They have imagined faces of Frodo and Aragorn already and do not want to see another.

Now let me share with my own impressions. I will discuss all three parts at once. First of all, to evaluate this film fairly we should forget about Tolkien at all. Film is film, book is book and we should try to separate it. The Lord of the Ring is a great movie with absolutely fascinating shooting, incredibly nice soundtracks, and very good actors’ playing. I do not remember films of such a big scale in last years. It leaves after itself sense of spirituality and something very light inside. What is more, its screen version adaptation is not so bad.

The story tells about the war between good and evil. Sauron is the most horror, powerful, and cruel being in the world who desires to come back The Ring of absolute power which has been lost a long time ago. In case of having the ring, he would become the only lord in the world. He has formed a huge army of ugly creations to capture independent lands of innocent peoples and bring the ring back. So death, destructions and slavery threaten peaceful nations of the world. Peoples unite against Sauron and war begins. While brave elf, human, and gnome warriors are clashing with dark army, nine ring keepers are trying to destroy the treasure in order to put the war to the end and kill all-seeing and omnipresent lord. Finally the war ends, Sauron dies, peace and prosperity come back in the world, and members of fraternity find their happiness and return to common life.

Obviously Peter Jackson worked very hard to make such movie. It can satisfy all viewers because of nice balance of battle scenes, actions, love, fascinating views of New Zeeland, and even scare episodes. Most of all I like wide views of mountains, fields, rivers and lakes with unique Northern beauty giving to film a sense of flight and freedom. Also I cannot put my eyes away from several breath-taking and amazing battle scenes.

I am impressed by work of sound director. He chose such delicate, thoughtful, and beautiful music that all film becomes full of absolute harmony due to it.

I believe that casting is also was successful. People just have not got used to see their heroes with faces of Orlando Bloom, Vigo Mortensen and etc.

So in conclusion I want to say that, in my opinion, Peter Jackson has won his Oscars absolutely fairly and The Lord of the Ring is a good movie.

By anhel


November 25, 2007 - Posted by | Kazkahstani movies

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