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Advert 1st Of All

ad-fest-logo.gif                                                       dsc07685.jpgOn the 16 th of November students of KIMEP had a chance to go to the fesatival of advertisement. It was called “Advert 1st Of All”. This festival was organized by crEAteam organization together with Black Pencil marketing company and Sun production. As I am the member of this organization I want to say that event of such format, we have made by the first time, because usually we organize different parties.

First of all, our team decided not to make a great advertising in KIMEP, because it was oriented mostly on students of marketing and journalism(PR) departments, because this festival was closely connected with their future profession. We created and then sent invintations with names and surnames of each student of this two departments.

The program began at 20:07 o’clock and was continued during 2 hours. The program contained presentation of Black Pencil company, where the representative was Marat Bakpayev. He gives lectures in KIMEP Univesity on Advertising Management . It was the interesting presentation with explaining how creativity is important in our professions. Then, we observed some advertising videos. After it, the next presentation was made by the representative of Sun Production company. He explained students how to make advertising videos and then showed a seria of Kazakhstani advertising videos- the work of their company. Together, they explained the role of Kazakhstani advertisement, it’s development and the ways of improving. I think, that students liked it, because at the end, there were a lot of questions.

So, in my point of view the festival of advertising was successful!!!! We were glad to organize and work with such a big and popular partners as Black Pencil and Sun Production. And students were glad to be there, because the atmosphere of the evening was calm and pleasant. In future, we are planning to organize events of such format!!! It was our first experiement and we will try to do them more better and more interesting!!!   


November 26, 2007 - Posted by | Kazkahstani movies


  1. I was invited on this event but, unfortunatelly, had no opportunity to come 😦

    Will you organize festival in the next year again?

    Comment by anhel | November 30, 2007

  2. Don’t worry!!On spring we are planning to organize it again!!!

    Comment by Zhanna | December 1, 2007

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