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Guys!!! Wonderful presentation! wonderful unusual idea!

I think your bog could be interesting for everyone! Begins with people who is in love in nature an d ends with such people who like to get fun from tests that you offer!!! =)

Really hope for your continue on this blog, cause I liked very much! =)


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My impressions. Part 2

Almaty group’s presentation was really good!

No it was more than good! I realy enjoyed to see a photo gallery of my city! that was great! i even didn’t recognise some places they were so beautiful on photos!

Wonderful trick with slide show of pics on the front page! 😉

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Kazakhstani “SUPA” movies or we are trying to be best!


Country: Kazakhstan
Year: 2007

Producer: Akhan Sattayev 
Cast: Sayat Isembayev, Murat Bisembin, Jan Baijanbayev, Assel Sagatova, Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Mentai Utepbergenov etc.
Script: Timur Jaksylikov

Genre: Criminal drama

Spending: $800000 


“Prayer of Leyla” / “Leila”/ “Molitva Leyly”/ “Layla_s Prayer”/ “Кызжылаган”

Производство: “Казахфильм” им. Ш. Айманова, 2001

Режиссер: Сатыбалды Нарымбетов (Satybaldy Narymbetov)

Актеры: Аяна Естагамбетова (Ayana Yesmagambetova), Дулуга Ахмулды (Dulyga Akmolda), Бахыт Сулейменова, Наталья Аринбасарова (Natalya Arinbasarova), Баадур Цуладзе (Baadur Tsuladze), Аралбай Толеубек, Газиза Абдинабиева

Продолжительность: 2 час 29 мин

Жанр: Драма

Sound Mix: Dolby

Примечание: “Евразия” – Казахская Панорама

Фильм «Молитва Лейлы» по мотивам повести Розы Мукановой.

Special interview with Aianat!!!

About this film!


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Altyn Jebe

In Shymkent city 21 of November starts first animation film festival at kazakhstan territory! =)

Ther will be representatives of 10 different countries:

Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Estonia, Georgia, and France.

Kazakhstan will be presented by “Kazakhfilm”, Jurgenev’s Academy of Art and other independent studios.

In total thre will be 32 animation works. 

Festival is counted for 4 days, during these days in all cinemas of Shymkent will be showing cartoons of it members for free!

Sponsors are film studio “Jebe” with help of akimat of South Kazakhstani Oblast and aliance of cinematographist of Kazakhstan!

information was taken from this site http://www.kino.kz/news/show.asp?nid=1487 

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News from kazakh movies!

Hi, guys!

I’m reliable for any news from Kazahstani movies!

here is very interesting links! from different special sites and chats! mostly in Russia!

hope you will find intersting facts!

wait for ya comments! 😉


It’s an official web site of Eurasian Movie festival, which was in September already 3 years!


Intersting to read what our contemporaries are thinking about KZ movie industry


Let be patroits of our country Kazakhstan!!! =D

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A thing to think ;)

Hi, everyone! i got reealy interesting article to read and to think!

Recently our Cinema production start to grow, but how irt starts and is it satisfactory for all of us?

good questions but before answer, read this article!

waiting for ya comments! 😉


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Mongol!!! My expectations.

Hey ya everyone! =)

Who has seen this movie ‘Mongol’? want to hear your comments!

I reaaaly want to do so! On Tuesday 25 of September i didn’t get the tickets, all four cinemas where I’ve been were overlaod by people who wnated to go to Mongol! =)

wow, I was shoked!! it was a middle of the working week, but it didn’tr stop people go to cinema! ;0

Coool isn’t it?  Such behavior is a first sign that this movie is most expective!

I have waited it for a long time, and bad comments about it won’t stop me, because I believe that better to see once, than hear different opinions million times! =D

This saturday my expectation will over, because I’m going to Mongol!!!!

After i would see it, wait for ma comments! hope it will be great!!! 😉 

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